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Friday, March 3, 2017

Taking the piss-it's not just TRUMP

Chin up.

Especially in the swimming pool as it seems there's almost as much urine in swimming pools are you always feared there was.  

 potentially causing asthma and eye irritation
Worse again it seems that the inert urine while unpleasant to swim in actually becomes nasty once it mixes with the chemicals in the pool which are designed to combat bacteria and keep you safe.
“Although considered a taboo, 19 per cent of adults have admitted to having urinated in a swimming pool at least once.”
According to the report by  a team of academics it is a "taboo" broken by almost a fifth of swimmers!

Excuse me but it is not a taboo!  It is disgusting and unacceptable!

One swimming pool, which was about a third the size of an Olympic-sized one, had an astonishing 75 litres – 132 pints – of urine, while a smaller pool had 30 litres.

That's a whole lot of taboo in a small pool.

So it's not just Trump that's taking the piss.  

But Trump is also actually the colour of urine.

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