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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Machiavellian Trump?

Trump's latest Twitter Storm/Brain Fart/Stroke is his claim that Obama was bugging his office.

However the Guardian has a twist on this.  It's not the rantings of a spoiled 70-year-old child, it is a clever ploy to distract us from the scrutiny of his connections to Russia and those of his soon-to-be-ex Attorney General.

According to the Guardian
"Some political observers discern a deliberate pattern of distraction and diversion in the early morning tweets that are the product of the president’s prodigious fingers. When the media coverage, or the congressional pressure, gets too tough, a simple tweet is enough to send the press stampeding in the other direction."

However the problem with this theory is that it's nonsense and Trump doesn't have the brains, patience or cunning to pull off such a stunt and the idea of distracting us from one scandal by claiming another is like shooting yourself in the foot to distract yourself from a headache.

These political observers are, of course, the same political observers who warned us that Trump's lying, blustering, populism and rascism were all part of an "act" or a persona which was simply designed to win the election and that once elected he would reveal the REAL Trump, the clever, presidential and intelligent Trump.

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