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Friday, February 12, 2010

Paul Go-Go Gogarty

Green Party TD Paul Gogarty has accused his former colleague Deirdre De Burca of making 'outrageous' and incorrect claims about the party. [Brilliant example of Gogarty at his best]

Mr Gogarty said the claims were 'clearly designed to deflect from the real reasons' for her resignation. He said there was no question over the leadership of John Gormley following the resignation.

The TD said the party were 'shell-shocked' by her announcement, but he said the Green Party was a united party.

Paul Gogarty is the same TD who resigned as his party's spokesperson for Education but held onto the chair of the paying position of Chair of the Oireachtas Committee on Education, the same TD who threw himself on the ground and faked a fit when he was criticised at a public meeting and the same TD who told Deputy Stagg to fuck-off in the Dail.

Who cares what Gogarty's opinion on De Burca is?  A man who behaves as he does cheapens politics.

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