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Friday, March 9, 2007

Political Quote of the day

"I come from a party which does not accept corporate donations. How are we expected to contest an election with people who are funded up to the gills, sometimes by developers, and others, who have vested interests?

We are now into almost five-year election cycles where the gun is sounded once we get into the House. This is as a result of people trying to spend money before the three-week period commences. It is spend, spend, spend. Looking at the glossy leaflets, bus shelters and billboards, I ask how much is being spent?

I calculate some candidates must have spent approximately €100,000 in the past few months. How are we supposed to compete against that? Where are they getting the money?"

---John Gormley Green Party


Councillor Seamus Ryan said...

Keith, who says you can't buy an election!!!

JG said...

Totally agree with John Gormley on this. The Greens shouldn't change their policy on corporate donations, they have more integrity than the rest put together.

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