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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Labour leads; PDs follow

The irony of McDowell complaining about Labour's proposed tax cut while he adopts it as his own will be lost on the Minister for Justice and the PDs.

They are right, everyone else is wrong. This is the siege mentality of the party which is now down to 1% in the polls. Everyone else is wrong, they have to be, otherwise why are the PDs so unloved, unwanted and rejected by the people?

Tonight the PDs showcased their tax cuts, yes they will keep the tax cuts for the better off and they will steal Labour's and they will bring in a €300 pension.

This is auction politics at its utter worst. McDowell the self-appointed guardian of good government practice and sound finances will give away anything and everything to stay in power as Tainiste.

Michael McDowell has sealed his party's fate tonight as he becomes the Jack Lynch of the PDs who will ruin the economy just to get back into government. For shame Michael, for shame!

Read more about it here.

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