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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pat Kenny throws an Alan Partidge fit over rejected tickets

Poor old Pat Kenny,

Not only was he labeled a land grabber over his dealings with his neighbour earlier this year but the overpaid undertalented RTE personality threw an Alan Partridge like fit of pique over a women rejecting tickets to the Late Late Toy Show!

Tearing the tickets up on air Kenny was every bit as embarrassing as his alter ego Partridge.

Will somebody please put manners on the man?


Póló said...

Beautiful piece of television and well picked up.

The man is insufferable since he got above himself. He had some potential on radio way back but he succumbed to the temptation of RTE personalityship.

I was at the Late Late one time, way back in the Gay Byrne era. Pam Collins gave me a ticket on condition I would speak up from the audience. It was a "spirit" show and they were afraid it would go dead. Despite a paucity of comments and Gay repeatedly asking if there were any comments from the audience, he completely ignored me.

So, even the best broadcasters, and he was class, have their agendas.

Pat's is so obviously self-promotion that it comes across loud and clear even to the viewing public.

So why do they watch? Beats me. And the guests are usually non-entities compared with the crowd Gay used to muster.

Anonymous said...

This shows how RTE over value what they do. To them its incomprehensible that somebody would not want their tickets. To the rest of us there are many many alternatives.

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