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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dick's indirect tax rise

Dick Roche is to increase the tax on plastic bags by seven cent in July. This is supposed to be a part of efforts to ensure against an increase in littering but as we all know plastic bags are no longer a problem.

It was introduced in light of the serious litter problem being caused by the bags and saw a decrease of 90 per cent in the use of plastic bags. Following its introduction there was an overnight drop in use from 328 bags by each person to just 21. In addition, a 95 per cent drop in plastic bag litter was also recorded.

So basically this is just a hidden tax increase as there is no other reason for increasing the tax up to 22 cent tax, the maximum allowed under the existing legislation.

Ireland-lowest direct tax around, some of the highest indirect taxes in the OECD!

If you have any doubts about the reasons why this rise is coming ask yourself how committed do you think Dick Roche is to the environment? Does he lie awake at night worrying about it?.............................



Simon said...

I think you will find your would be partners the greens disagree. They think Roche rise is to low.

Political Quote said...

Best of luck to the greens but I think it is another tax increase in disguise.

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