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Thursday, February 14, 2008

April Fool Bertie Ahern for the High Court

Bertie Ahern will be the April Fool when he appears in the High Court on April 1st as part of his legal challenge to the Mahon Tribunal which is attempting to establish whether Bertie is Dirty.

Instead of opening up his books and his heart to the Tribunal to allow them to clear him (as he insists he is innocent) Bertie is instead trying to prevent the Tribunal from holding him to account.

The judicial review will be heard by three judges sitting in a Divisional Court - which sits only to deal with major cases of significant constitutional or legal importance.

Bertie Ahern TD is seeking to prevent the tribunal questioning him on statements made under Dáil privilege - even if they were repeated elsewhere. They are also challenging the handing over of specific documents which feature independent advice from a banking expert.


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