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Monday, May 21, 2007

Madeleine and the media

The Madeleine McCann, tragedy is turning into a circus, hyped by the media.

The idea of her family travelling around Europe to meet and talk to people is pointless and vague. Who will they talk to and why? They are desperate and they are being used by the media.

For examle read this extract from the Irish Times

"The press was allowed closer to the family over the weekend, as Mr McCann and his wife, Kate, appeared to accept that a certain loss of privacy was a price worth paying to keep Madeleine's case in the public eye. A press photographer was allowed to watch them playing with their twins, Amelie and Seán.

Yellow and green, the colours of hope, have become part of their everyday life. Ms McCann, as has become customary, had yellow and green ribbons tied in her hair while Mr McCann wore a green and yellow wristband and Amelie had her hair tied with a green clip and a yellow band.

In a nearby apartment, the self-styled "Team McCann", made up mainly of a small but determined group of friends and relatives, continued to try to build a global campaign to find Madeleine. The British government has provided a media relations expert to help the family."

It is getting silly and it should stop. Give the police all the money and manpower they need to do their job. That is how this case will be resolved.

It will not be resolved by
  • David Beckham ads
  • Ads at Wembley
  • Media interviews with crackpots who claim sightings of the little girl
  • wearing arm bands
  • holding a minutes silence
  • putting candles in the windows.
The family need support but instead they are getting a government supplied media relations expert.

This is a tragedy for a young family. It is being made into a horrific farce by the media.

It should be stopped.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the family are the one who is inviting the media circus. Like the relatives who visited Westminster. How would that helped?

I am not saying it is true, but more and more people I know are becoming increasingly suspicious on this whole affair.

Keith Martin said...

It is getting to be a circus. More media events are planned already. Worse is that people will get bored and the media will move on.

Lord of Erewhon said...

In UK 70.000 children disappear each year... hope the Pope will talk with their parents too! And what is the british police doing to find all those missing? They do more then the portuguese police? Would they do has much for a missing portuguese child in England? Would they? And how come no one criticises Madeleine's parents for leaving their children alone?
The portuguese police is doing everything they can and the Polícia Judiciária is famous for being one of the best in Europe.


Anonymous said...

i think the family is right by what they are doing they need to stay in the public eye because soon people will forget about it just like all the other missing children like ben needham a poor little defenceless boy taken and forgot about obvisoly his mam and dad remember him but do you? i agree with the candles dont make a difference and the ribbons but the family is cathlic and so they believe it will work also they need the information to get fact of were so can be and who has her you are wrong and i think people are being to criticle about this they need all the help they can get !!!!

Paulo Reis said...


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