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Thursday, May 3, 2007

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Palmerston Residents Association said...

The Palmerston Residents Association say thank you to Northern Ireland Railways in agreeing to let the association erect one of their community notice boards at Sydenham Station Halt, and also to the association taking care of the station. The Residents Association have always been keen to look after Sydenham Station as we feel it is the shop window to Sydenham, we want to show our visitors that Sydenham is a pleasant place to live and a nice place to visit. We intend to plant flowers and in the summer months put up hanging baskets, we hope to make the station much more appealing to the members of the public that use the station to commute to work helping both Northern Ireland Railway and the Palmerston Residents Association get more commuters out of their cars and on to public transport. The residents association feels if the community look after their own station it will give them pride in having a show station on their doorsteps. The Residents Association want the commuters to stop and visit Sydenham as it has a lot of places to see, including The Den Station Road where Gustav Wilhelm Wolff once lived and the Smiles Family Home Westbank House that use to stand on the Palmerston Road. You can also see the tree lined hill that was known as Bunkers Hill named after the Battle of Bunkers Hill in the American Civil War, we also have the home of Stewart James Parker the play write, you can also visit St Marks Church and see where CS Lewis attended Church, we also have some great parks in the area including Victoria Park one of the oldest parks in Belfast all within walking distance of Sydenham Station. we have several Churches in the area that always have something going on. The Sydenham Methodist Church which stands at the corner of Station Road and Palmerston Road, the Salvation Army Headquarters stands just on the other side of the road from the Sydenham Methodist Church, if you walk a little bit further you will see the Church of Ireland on the Larkfield Road and St Marks Church on the Holywood Road. Alternately if you feel you would like to see what is going on in the community you can call at the Inverary Community Centre on Inverary Drive where there is something good taking place every day. Maybe you just want a quite walk so why not try the Tommy Patton Memorial Park. Sydenham is a great place to visit with lots to see, the Palmerston Residents Association take a pride in the history of the area and are proud to show it off. We hope to be including shortly to our attractions our community allotments, and if permission is given by the Belfast City Council its very first Farmers Market to be held in the grounds of the Church of Ireland on the Larkfield Road. Once again we thank all the people who are supporting us, and the backing we have been given on a few of our projects including the tree protection orders on the trees at Bunkers Hill on the Palmerston Road. The spot listing of the Gustav Wolff Cottages at The Den Station Road and the support we have raised for a commemoration for The Smiles Family on The Palmerston Road, also Northern Ireland Railways for agreeing to help our community even further by showing the community that it respects all that it is trying to achieve by letting us take care of our visitors and making Sydenham Station one of the prime stations on the Network

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