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Monday, May 7, 2007

McDowell or Macbeth

If there is one person who has behaved worse than Bertie it is Michael McDowell the self appointed watch dog of Fianna Fail who has wrung his hands like lady Macbeth whenever the truth about Bertie's finances is unearthed.

Bertie's finances are taking on Haughey-like proportions and the man is mumbling and bumbling his way around but the Minister for Justice is in hiding - again.

We all remember when in October Bertiegate broke for the first time. What did McDowell do?
He ran away.

He was radio silent.

He disappeared.

Then he came back to accept Bertie's explanation.

Now he saws that explanation of Bertie's finances was "selective". "No shit, Sherlock!" as Conan-Doyle once wrote.

So what is he doing in this latest scandal concerning Bertie.

He has run away to await another statement from Bertie. For Shame, McDowell!

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