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Monday, January 15, 2007

Saddam's brother beheaded by hanging

One of two of Saddam's aides executed by hanging was decapitated. This only re-enforces the horror of the "justice" being handed out in Iraq by the US supported government.

Saddam's half brother, Barzan Ibrahim, was the head of Saddam's intelligence organisation and had his head severed from his body when he was hung this morning alongside the former head of the Iraqi Revolutionary Court for their role in the deaths of 148 in 1982.

The hanging and beheading was filmed by the government, though, as they were taking no chances of the repeat of any abuse being recorded, the filming has no sound. There seems to have been a ban on camera phones also.

Reports state that the two men, who were dressed in bright orange jumpsuits trembled with fear as their hooded executioners brought them to the gallows. The filming captured the hanging and decapitation of Barzan Ibrahim.

Another glorious example of US/Iraqi justice.

Watch the BBC video report here

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1 comment:

Agent Magenta said...

And I thought the war in Iraq was about removing the brutal leadership of Saddam. To me it seems that Iraq is now worse than it was under Saddam, can you imagine what it must be like to live in Iraq?

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