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Monday, January 15, 2007

Pat Rabbitte and Fianna Fail

Pat Rabbitte has once again ruled out a government with Fianna Fail.

Responding to questions from the Irish Independent on the issue Pat Rabbitte stated "I believe that when people come to focus on electing a Government an alternative to Fianna Fail and the PDs will be elected. As I have repeatedly said, I have no intention of convening a Special Conference to recommend going into government with Fianna Fail."

The questions and Pat's full answers can be read here on the Labour Party Blog.

Pat has posted his full replies on the party's website as the Independent has run a story today "Rabbitte leaves door open for Ahern pact" This does seem to be a bit cheeky as the whole article is pinned on Pat Rabbitte's comment that he would take account of 'national interest' in the aftermath of the election.

It is cheeky because when you read his comment in full which was in response to this question posed by the Irish Independent "Would he [Pat Rabbitte] not have an obligation to do so, in the national interest, if the likely outcome otherwise was an early general election?"

To which Pat Rabbitte responded "Of course I will take into account the national interest as Labour has always done. It is the very nature of politics that there can be disagreement on what constitutes the national interest at any particular juncture. It is my conviction that the national interest is best served at this time by replacing Fianna Fail and the PDs in government."

This of course is not the same as leaving the door open for a deal with dirty Bertie, it is an acknowledgement that Pat Rabbitte will respect the electorate as the leader of Ireland's third political party. It would have been unacceptable for Pat Rabbitte to say he would not take into account the national interest in his post elections deliberations.

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