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Monday, January 15, 2007

Albert bites Bertie

Albert Reynolds has struck out at Bertie Ahern over the payments Ahern received as Minister for Finance.

Bertie has already blamed the scandal on a sinister conspiracy which brought the matter of the payments to the attention of the media. Read about Bertie's nixonesque behaviour here.

However the scandal (known at the time as "Bertiegate") of his accepting tens of thousands of euro seemed to have died down recently as the media moved on to other issues.

Just when Bertie felt he could relax and even went so far as telling the Sunday Independent that he would "love to bury" the person who made the details of these payments available to the Irish Times.

Suddenly out of the blue and out of the past comes Albert, Bertie's former boss to publicly criticise the fact that Bertie had let down the body politic by accepting the money.

“I always strongly believed that there was no way a member of a government should finance anything he was doing in that respect. I was Minister for Finance and nobody ever offered me money,” Mr Reynolds told RTÉ Radio One’s Marian Finucane Show.

So Bertiegate is back on the national agenda. And they said Enda Kenny was having party troubles!

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