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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nov Meetings minutes of Westport Town Council

As promised I am posting the minutes of the Westport Town Council November meeting on my website as they are a bit boring and long to post here and don't really lend themselves to Blogging.

I will be pressing for the minutes of all council meetings to be made available on our council site in January.

I have also been pushing for the web-casting of our council meetings so that we can really enter the 21st Century and open up our meetings and deliberations to public scrutiny. This has been done in several councils already.

According to the opinion page in the Munster Express

"Fingal County Council has already gone live and Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown will soon follow suit while Meath County Council is actively considering the matter. Apparently, the managers in question believe that, apart from advancing the democratic process, there are quite a few operational pluses in having their proceedings broadcast and recorded."

According to figures available, it would cost €30,000 per annum at current prices to operate a fixed system and €40,000 for a movable system that could broadcast not only full meetings of the whole house but also various committee meetings. "

Of course this figure is consderably less for a nine seat town council as opposed to a 30-40 county council chamber. Nonetheless it is not an inconsiderable sum but I would favour it.

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