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Thursday, December 21, 2006

New look Labour at

Labour has had an extreme makeover and it has taken years off! The new all singing all dancing website at is an attractive and easy to use website which, no matter which way you swing, politically, must be acknowledged as the most attractive site on the web as far as Irish political parties go.

The biggest change is the blog. The homepage of the site will allow people to post their opinions and the blog will be written by a live, breathing person and not just be where the Press Releases are copied and pasted to as in many other sites. This should generate some debate and make for interesting reading.

Another important aspect is the fact that the site has been brought up to exceed the standards required to make it accessible to those with visual and other needs.

Policy wise the site tells you everything you need to know.Want to know Labour's policy on local government, disability issues, health or law and order? Just visit the site and you can read or download the policy documents. You can also ask questions, find your local Labour Branch or candidate or give your opinion on anything.

The site also boasts a Pat on Tour section which list Pat Rabbitte TD's schedule of events around the country on the campaign trail. The site was launched this week by Cllr Eric Byrne and by Tommy Broughan TD.

Labour is working. This site is not just about style, it is about substance, it is about involving you in the party's planning and policy making. No other party can boast that.

If you think Labour, visit and vote Labour.

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