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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Youtube advert launched

Labour's Candidate in Westport, Cllr Keith Martin, has launched a new YOUTUBE video, which uses Google Earth to zoom in on Westport to dramatic music. This the second online advert in Martin's campaign which aims to attract younger and web-savy voters to his cause.

The theme of the video is that "things can only get better with Cllr Keith Martin" and the viewer zooms in from space across Europe and the UK to zoom in on Clew Bay and ultimately the town of Westport.

Entitled "Small World-Big Decisions" the video urges voters to support the Labour Candidate in his bid to secure a seat on Mayo County Council under a campaign of change and that "Things can only get better!"
According to the councillor "Its a positive message which shows how Westport and County Mayo are part of a much bigger world and that we have big decisions to take to tackle the current crisis.  I am saying that I am the man to take those decisions.  My campaign and this message is a positive one, I am pointing out that things can get better, that we can work together as a community to fight the effects of this recession.  I am offering leadership not excuses and I think this advert gets that message accross."


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