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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh divine and glorious day

The day of judgement has come at last for the corrupter and the so easily corrupted, as Former Government press secretary Frank Dunlop is charged with 16 counts of corruption before Dublin District Court after being arrested at Harcourt Terrace Garda Station by members of Criminal Assets Bureau.
Listed among the rogues gallery is Political Quote's favourite pugilist former Senator Don Lydon (who once tried to twist Trevor Sergeant's head off).  Others named in the charge are Fianna Fail councillors Sean Gilbride, Tony Fox, Colm McGrath, Jack Larkin (deceased), Cyril Gallagher (deceased), Fine Gael's Tom Hand (deceased) and Liam Cosgrave, of Fine Gael.
It is alleged money was handed over to the politicians at different locations in Dublin, including Buswells Hotel and Davenport Hotel, both near the Dail, and Conway's Pub on Parnell Street.

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