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Friday, February 2, 2007

Amazing breaking news-FF politican "remembers" taking money

In what has to be a huge turnaround for the tribunals a Fianna Fail Senator, the Great Don Lydon, "remembers" taking money from a developer!

Fianna Fáil Senator Don Lydon yesterday admitted the existence of a further payment of €2,600 (IR£2000) which he received from property developer Chris Jones in 1993.

Despite this turnabout Senator Lydon was soon back on form with pronouncements like the one that he saw no connection between his role as a councillor having oversight of such rezonings and the payment of money to him by Mr Jones.

The hilarity continued with Don Lydon making comments like "Mr Jones was a very kind and generous man who gave money at different times to various councillors".

Senator Lydon continued: "There was no intention - he didn't say 'I'll give you this if you do that', that never happened at all."

He added, "He was just that kind of fella", and went on to remark that "if he would give me money again I would take it".

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my sympathies are with don lydon - if i was married to maeve my thought processes would be equally bizarre

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