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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jimmy Devins TD is a disgrace

Minister of State for Health Jimmy Devins from Sligo is a disgrace.

He joins Beverly Cooper-Flynn and Dara Caleary in Mayo in terms of their hypocracy over cancer care in the West.

Jimmy Devins joined thousands of protesters at a silent candlelit vigil outside Sligo General Hospital last night to express his support for the campaign to retain cancer services there.

The man is a Junior Minister and he is protesting over his own health program. The man is a two faced disgrace.

He does not have the guts to resign his ministry or his whip in protest, instead he wants to play it both ways.

He is a disgrace. If you are serious about cancer care in the West do not vote for Devins. E-mail him your disgust at info@jimmydevins.ie

Tell him what you think.

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