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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bumbling Bertie bumbles pay rise

Bertie has given in over the massive pay increase for himself.

Well actually he hasn't. All he has decided to do is to postpone his payrise of €38,000 for a year.

How he will suffer for that coming year always being short for teabags, worrying about his mortgage and trying to keep up with the Bushes and SARKOZYs with their houses and yaughts.

Does Bertie really think that by postponing his pay rise rather than declining it all together that people will forget that his pay rise is greater than the salaries of 1.5million workers in this country?

The man has lost his common touch. But that happens when you live in a house someone bought for you, when people give you money in Manchester, when you earn €250,000 a year, when you are driven in a state car everywhere.

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