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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Goodbye to the Parlon Ranger

So we bid farewell to the Parlon(e) Ranger Tom Parlon.

He has the ultimate PD way out. Instead of taking up the leadership of his party he is taking up a €250,000 job. What PD can argue with that? Money, the PD's god has called him away and there can be no arguments from his party colleagues.

It is also true that a global anti-corruption organisation has raised questions about the appropriateness of former Junior Minister Tom Parlon's new job as head of the Construction Industry Federation.

As part of his role in the last government, the former Laois-Offaly TD oversaw the Office of Public Works, which gives out lucrative contracts to construction firms.

Surely there is no link?

All I can say is "Ride on Parlon Ranger, ride on into the quarter of a million euro sunset leaving the prostate body of your political party dying in the sunset behind you. Shot down by the people. Ride on!"

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