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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dick's "huge moral imperative"

Dick Roche, Minister for the Environment and the farce that is local government i.e. local administration by officials, has spoken of a huge moral imperative.

I don't know what Dick knows about morals but as for huge; he knows what that is.

Huge is the 30 foot long, 8 foot high posters of himself that were illegally erected recently in his constituency, not by Dick, but by some over enthusiastic supporters (of course they were Dick, one only has to meet you to see how people can become so over enthusiastic about you).

Dick says the world must follow the example of the EU in dealing with climate change.

In this regard the "flexible mechanism" that allowed EU states to buy carbon credits from the developing world had a double benefit: it allowed member states to set more ambitious targets for their own industries, while providing money for the developing world.

This money would incentivise vulnerable economies not to take in older "dirty technology" industries.

In other word it is a new era of purchased Luddites. All industry is dirty, so we will be buying up the 3rd world's chance to develop their economies by buying up their emissions from their mainly corrupt governments and give them money with which they can buy the products from us that they could have made locally for less.

It is a perfect example of imperial exploitation for the 21st century wrapped up as concern for the environment. Dick wouldn't know a moral imperative if one ran him over or if there was a 30 foot long, 8 foot high poster of a moral imperative in his front garden.

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