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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bertie before the tribunal

Bertie is to be a witness before the Mahon Tribunal thus continuing a long tradition of FF Taoiseachs and former Taoiseachs appearing before tribunals of enquiry.

The Tribunal is investigating Quarryvale better known to us today as Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and the circumstances surrounding its zoning.

The Tribunal is investigating Tom Gilmartin's claims that nearly £80,000 (€101,000) had been paid to Mr Ahern.

In the statement read out prior to the court challenge, the tribunal quoted Mr Gilmartin as saying he was told that the money had been paid in two separate amounts of £50,000 and £30,000.

Mr Gilmartin said he was informed that Mr Ahern, who was Minister for Finance at the time, had been instrumental in blocking a tax break for a rival shopping centre being developed in Blanchardstown.

This is around the same time Bertie was receiving monies from businessmen in Manchester.

Mr Ahern has denied the Quarryvale allegation and we know he took the money in Manchester already.

Is Bertie dirty? Time will tell, because Bertie won't!

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