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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Michael Lowry--everybody say 'Ahh poor Mick'

Pity poor Michael Lowry.

The tribunal, which he and others of his ilk caused to established, is upseting Michael. He is upset with the impact it has had on his life. Michael thinks it is a "cancer" on his life.

Perhaps it is. Perhaps it is like the cancer he, and Haughey and Lowery and Burke and many many others inflicted on politics and government in Ireland?

Speaking at the tribunal yesterday he said that since the passing of the late Charles Haughey he, Mr Lowry, had "the dubious distinction of having a tribunal all to myself. I'm sitting here as the chief one being inquired into. I have the role all to myself."

Poor Mick is lonely. Everyone say 'Ahh poor mick'

1 comment:

Sean said...

Chin up Mick, Chin up, dont let them get you down

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