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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The greening of Irish politics

I like the Greens.

I like Trevor Sargent.

If I wasn't a socialist I think I probably would be a green. The trouble with the green party, particularly in Ireland and the UK is that the other parties keep stealing their policies.

The process is as follows, the Greens come up with radical policies, these are poo-pooed at the time. Time passes, public opinion changes and then the other parties take over the policies and effect them and the Greens are left with just more unpopular, but correct policies which in time will be stolen by the others.

This is frustrating for the Greens but must also be satisfying to them on another level as, in or out of government, they get to drive the 'Green' agenda.

However this could be about to change if their surge in support up to 8% in the Polls is carried through it could be the beginning of a larger more forceful player in Irish politics.

Either way the Greens have driven the debate on the environment and have 'greened' Irish politics.

Their future is unclear though. The environment is fast becoming a mainstream issue and this means the other parties will be focusing on it as much as say they have on the economy. This means that for the first time ever the Greens will be competing with the other parties on the issue.

If all the other parties turn green will the Greens lose out in the long term?

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