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Friday, December 29, 2006

Pope says let Saddam live

I don't know what you think of his Holiness and I am sure he doesn't care about what I think of him but I agree and support his calls for Saddam to be let live.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is from the old testament and it belongs there. No society, especially not the "new" Iraq which is supposed to be a modern, secular democracy should, as its first major act, execute the monster that Saddam Hussein is.

According to the Pope, the execution of Saddam Hussein would be punishing "a crime with another crime". Read more here.

Saddam is being held at Camp Cropper, an American military prison close to Baghdad's airport. The US military has had Saddam Hussein in its custody, on behalf of the Iraqis, since his capture and he will be handed over to Iraqi authorities on the day of his execution.

According to the latest reports from the US Saddam may well be put to death within the next 36 hours. CNN are reporting from Baghdad that he could be handed over very soon as the Iraqi government want him dead before 'Eid' a religious holiday this Sunday.

There are plans to film everything from the Judge signing the order right through to the execution itself though the location and time of the killing will be kept from the public to avoid violence on the streets.


Stephen Cork said...

Saddam deserved to be hanged.
But He should not have been heckled or abused ie america should have carried out the hanging.

Political Quote said...

Hanging Saddam was wrong.

It will heal no wounds nor will it bring peace in Iraq.

All it has done is make a Martyr out of a monster.

The Iraqi government has brought itself down to Saddam's level. It is only a question of scale once you start killing your enemies as to which of the two is worse.

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