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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ford disagreed with Bush on Iraq

In a 2004 interview embargoed for release after his death, former president Gerald Ford told the Washington Post the war in Iraq was unjustified and that he very strongly disagreed with President Bush's reasons for attacking Iraq.

In videos released only today Ford says he felt that President and his top advisers had made a "big mistake" in starting the war in Iraq. Ford pulled the US out of Vietnam when he inherited the Vietnam War and was in office when the US accepted defeat.

Ford made this remarks in interviews taped for Bob Woodward (the Bob "Watergate" Woodward) was writing.

Donald Rumsfeld served under Ford as Secretary of Defence and Dick Cheney served as Ford's chief of staff. Ford says on the tapes that Cheney has become more pugnacious with time.

Bit late now Gerald but at least you said it! They used to say you weren't too bright but you were smart enough to know that the reasons for an invasion of Iraq were complete rubbish and smart enough to know not to involve the US in another Vietnam. If you weren't the brighest, Gerald, then what does it say for the intellect of George W Bush?

Answers in the comments boxes below. Best one wins a prize.

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