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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pádraig Nally found not guilty

Mayo farmer Pádraig Nally has been found 'Not Guilty' by the jury of of four women and eight men. They took almost 16 hours to find the farmer not guilty of the manslaughter of John 'Frog' Ward at Nally's farm in Funshinaugh, Cross, on October 14, 2004.

As I said two days ago there is no winner in this case, John Ward is dead and Pádraig Nally is a broken man. There are only losers in this tragedy.

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Neil Ward said...

To be frank, I couldn't disagree more. Ward is dead, but Nally is a free man.

Our judicial system will remain a laughing stock for as long as we free self-confessed murderers. There is no justification whatsoever for what Nally did - it was cold-blooded murder, and deserved to be punished as such.


Colm said...

Self-confessed murderer? Eh, no. He admitted to killing Ward. Not murdering. Bit of a difference there.

Political Quote said...

Nally is a free man but a broken man. I don't believe he set out to kill anyone.

He didn't even keep the gun in the house he kept it in the shed.

His property was being broken into on a regular basis and there was no-one to help him.

His nerves went and his health has suffered and he must live the rest of his life knowing he took a life and left a family without a father.

I wouldn't have liked to have had to sit in judgement over him.

John Ward was a man with a lot of troubles and a vicious and aggressive tendencies. He had many problems and needed help. there was no one there for him and there was no one there for Padraig Nally.

It is a tragedy.

Tommy & Larry said...

The case reminds me a bit of the Iraq war - The world is better off without Saddam Hussein - but how you can legally justify taking him out is another story.

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