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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jingoism, jingoism, jingoism with Theresa May (to the theme of Jingle Bells)

Like fascism, silly mustaches, goose steeps and open racism, 1930s style Jingoism is back in style!

And there's no bigger proponent of jingoism than the Tory Party under Theresa May.  She almost jingos as she walks!

Today we have Lord Howard, former leader of the Tory Party compare Gibraltar to the Falklands and he was followed up by Rear-Adml Chris Parry, late of the Royal Navy who claims that the UK "could cripple Spain in the medium term and I think the Americans would probably support us too"

Lord Howard compared the squabble over the future of the Spanish tip to Margaret Thatcher’s Falklands war – as the Prime Minister offered reassurance to the people on The Rock that the UK was committed to them.
Now the fact that the "squabble" is caused by Brexit and that 96% of Gibraltar voted to REMAIN in the EU is ignored completely.

The fact that Spain is a NATO Ally and is no way hostile about the issue and is searching only for a political settlement to the issue is, again, ignored completely.

In fact it is a non-story or "fake news" designed to distract from the fact that the UK has no bargaining power left over Gibraltar, is facing a 50 Billion bill and will most likely have to stay under jurisdiction of EU courts and permit immigration just to keep the lights on in dealing with the EU.

The truth is that like Northern Ireland the UK really doesn't care about Gibraltar, well certainly not enough to change it's Brexit or enter into an accommodation with EU over them.

We must also face the fact that Rear Admiral Chris Parry is at best, an idiot.  He believes the US will back the UK in any such action.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry must have forgotten the time the US navy diverted US sub in mid Atlantic to avoid upsetting the Spanish?  The US was going to attend Trafalgar Day celebrations at Gibrarltar with the Royal Navy and when Spain objected the US turned the sub around.  Is that the same country that Rear Admiral Chris Parry thinks is going to back up a UK war with Spain?

Rear Admiral Chris Parry must have forgotten that the CIA planned to relocate the Falklanders to Scotland as part of it's resolution of the conflict and there was even talk of giving the UK's battle plans to the Argentinians.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry must be at best, an idiot.

For all the talk of the special relationship the US has not backed up an independent UK action since Suez. The US has actually invaded UK territory without consulting or informing the UK as it did in Grenada in 1983.

So maybe it's all for the best that Lord Howard is gathering dust in the House of Lords and that the Royal Navy is free of Rear Admiral Parry.

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