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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ken Livingstone says sorry to the Jewish Community in UK

Ken Livingstone has apologised to Jews in the UK for comments he has made in the past which may have caused offense.

An article in today's Jerusalem Post reports that Ken said at the launch of the London Jewish Forum "if I've caused any offense to anyone in the past, I apologize, it was never my intention."

Rabbi Pinter who attended the launch said Ken Livingstone was not anti-semantic, he was, he says "just very rude."

Fair enough. I am not sure why Ken's comments to a journalist should have caused such offence considering at the time he was unaware of the journalist's background but comparing anyone to a concentration guard is probably a bit harsh even if they are a bit of a hack working for a rag.

I think Ken has made some unfortunate remarks in this area over the last year and it is good to clear the air just before the New Year. I am a fan of Mayor Livingstone, his style and his leadership.

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