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Friday, December 8, 2006

Help the Chagossians get their home back

The Chagossians were removed from their home in the Indian Ocean by the UK so that they could lease the islands to the Americans and offset the cost of the Polaris Nuclear Weapon Programme in the late 1960s.

They were exiled to the nearby island of Mauritius and left on the docks with whatever possessions they could carry. Most Chagossians still have nothing. They are a displaced people without a home and without a country. Read their story here. And watch a film about them here.

Their country is now the Diego Garica airbase of the United States. Please help them return home. You can help by lobbying the UK government into letting them return home. Visit their support website here. Find out how you can help.

Please help spread the word about the plight of these people.

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