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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Little Book of Sham

"The Little Book of Sham"

Donald Trump, The Kardashians, Scientology, and North Korea are just some of the targets in this humorous collection of aphorisms.

'The Little Book of Sham' is the result of hours spent staring into space, wondering - not just, 'Why are we here?' - but also - "How?" and 'Have I left the oven on?'
The book is a guide to modern life, unlike any other, and is packed full of witty observations, insights and wisdom gleamed by the author through a life time of study, mediation, reflection and sleeping late.

The Little Book of Sham is packed full of wit and wisdom for the world of today with

  • More secrets than "The Secret"
  • More laughs than "The Tibetan Book of the dead"
  • More urgent than the "Power of Now"

˃˃˃ If you read just one book this year it should be The Little Book of Sham - the self help book to end all self help.

"Life is short and often brutal like a job interview. So be yourself. On no account be Piers Morgan."
"Nothing lasts forever, except sofa sales"
"Idle hands used to do the 'devil's work'. Today they post updates on Facebook.
Though it may be the same thing."

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