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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Historic day as US agrees to stop trying to kill Castro

It has been hailed as the first step in a new relationship between the US and Cuba as today President Obama announced a major change in US policy towards the estranged island nation.

Addressing the press in the White House, Obama officially announced what many had predicted, namely that the USA would stop trying to assassinate Castro.

Making the historic announcement, which has been likened to President Theodore Roosevelt promise in 1903 to stop shooting Native Americans upon sight, President Obama said "I have today signed an executive order which forever stops the United States of America from attempting to kill Fidel Castro.  This is a historic occasion which I hope will lead to the restoration of full diplomatic relations between our great nation and the tiny banana republic of Cuba."

For it's part Cuba have agreed to downgrade their health and education services to at least the same level as the US by the end of 2015 thus ending a long period of humiliation for the Superpower.

However there is still insecurity as to the success of today's historic announcement as White House insiders have expressed concern that the CIA would continue in its attempts to kill Castro out of habit.

It is estimated that the CIA have stockpiled over a thousand exploding cigars many of which are stored at the US army base at Guantanamo awaiting deployment at a moment's notice.

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