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Friday, February 12, 2010

Lee hits sea of public opinion

The tide is beginning to turn on the Lee.  The Lee has flowed strong and steady since its election to Dublin South and again it flowed very steadily out of the Dail this week carrying a lot of public opinion with it, but like all rivers when the river meets the sea it loses its dynamic and its speed and becomes mingled with the larger body.

George Lee has been able to carry his 27,000 votes along with him so far and with the surprise and hast of his departure, public opinion has stayed in its default support position and this was reflected in the Live Line Poll .

But now as Lee loses his speed hits the sea of public opinion and as Fine Gael tells its side of the story, the tide is beginning to turn on him. 

Expect lots of sympathetic coverage in the papers this Sunday but brace yourself for a serious backlash after that.

Lee did not resign on principle, he did not resign over an issue, he resigned because he thought Fine Gael were not treating him as a VIP.  Used to being the centre of attention at RTE, Lee found the backbenches a cold and lonely spot far from the heat of the action, this coupled with having to conduct clinics, deal with the public on mundane issues and not feature on the news since his election meant that the sheen soon went off Irish politics for Lee.

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