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Saturday, December 12, 2009

With all due respect………….Fuck you Deputy Stagg, Fuck you!

Paul Gogerty’s vicious verbal attack on Labour’s Emmet Stagg is an example of all that is wrong with the government.

Emmet Stagg had challenged Deputy Gogerty on his sincerity as Gogerty whinged to the nearly empty Dail chamber about his dilemma of having to support very harsh budget cuts to the vulnerable for the better good of the country.

In response all Emmet Stagg said was what any citizen would have said or thought as they listened to Gogerty wringing his hands despite his full support for all measures of the budget.

Gogerty then launched a verbal blast at Emmet Stagg never before seen in the Dail beginning his tirade with the words “With all due respect…..”

Not since Bruno Ganz’s performance as Hitler in Downfall have we witnessed such a performance. In the same way that no-one in the Furher-Bunker was allowed to question Germany’s ultimate victory even as the Russian Tanks rolled overhead, no-one is allowed to question the sincerity of Deputy Paul Gogerty as he and his colleagues punish the poor, vulnerable and low-paid for their mistakes and the mistakes of the rich and greedy.

But Gogerty has no bile for Lenihan and Co only for those who question his sincerity. Sincerity is everything to Gogerty, fairness, responsibility, justice are words he doesn’t understand but don’t dare question his sincerity.

Deputy Gogerty was directly addressing Emmet Stagg in the Dail yesterday but really he was talking to all of us, “Fuck you, Ireland, Fuck you!”

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