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Friday, April 17, 2009

Micandidate has no clothes!

The emperor has no clothes!


That's the cry as micandidate.eu launches itself onto the web with a wet thump.


For all the hype and fawning publicity from mainstream media which is often in awe and fear at Web 2.0 micandidate.eu has turned out to be little more than a grouping together of other applications in one place.


Everything on micandidate, for which one has to stump up €300 plus €30 a month to avail of all the tools, is available free elsewhere and any blogger can knock up their own site with all the tools for free as I have done here on www.thingscanonlygetbetter.ie and www.councillorkeithmartin.com


There is no great mystery about online donations through Paypal, Twittering, Blogging, Mass Emails, media emails, photo slideshows or Youtube videos.


I have all of these for free on my website www.thingscanonlygetbetter.ie


So what exactly are micandidate.eu charging for?




The emperor has no clothes!


Mark Coughlan said...

Good to see at least one candidate realsing this, that's encouraging. You may want to tell your party colleague, Sean Butler however. He's been wanking over it for weeks (excuse the phrase!).

Have you seen this ->


Says pretty much the same thing you have just done but it much more detail.

Anonymous said...

Fair play.

That sod in the registered post is brilliant.


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