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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cowen is more unpopular than Bush

For any politician to have a lower popularity rating than George W Bush takes some doing.

To achieve this without being involved in the Iraq war etc etc really takes some doing.

Remember the US is in recession as are all our EU partners (except France) and their leaders are still more popular than Biffo.  It takes some doing to have fallen so far in so short a time.

What an achievement!  Stand up Brian and take a bow then please leave the stage altogether.

Biffomania is over!

For the man many (in particular in the media) thought was going to be "bigger than Jesus" sorry, I meant the best Taoiseach since Lynch etc etc he has fallen far short of the mark.

It seems the only paper to call it right was the Sunday Turbine who said that despite all the hype about Cowen's supposed abilities "the great fear is that there is less to Biffo than meets the eye".

How right they were.

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