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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My observation to Bord Pleanala

An Observation on PL 16 230477 Eircom Mast Killadoon, Aillemore, Co Mayo

I wish to make the following observation in relation to this planning application.

The proposed mast is within the curtailage of the Killadoon Megalithic Standing Stones (Menhirs) and would have a negative impact on these historic monuments.

The height of the mast means it would tower over the site of the standing stones and detract from their impact and integrity as part of the landscape.

The location of the mast directly adjacent to the site means that it would not be possible to minimise, through planting etc, the impact of the mast on the standing stones.

The history and impact of the standing stones is well documented and the value of the stones from a heritage and tourism aspect would be greatly damaged by the mast.

The residents of the area are very proud of the standing stones and the Community Council has even removed buildings from the area which were encroaching on the stones and detracting from their integrity and impact. The construction of the mast would be a retrograde development in this light.

In the interests of proper planning and development I submit that this application be refused as it impinges on the integrity of the nearby standing stones of Killadoon.

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