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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
The deployment of the warship LE Orla in Broadhaven Bay as part of the State's security provision for the Corrib gas project is a gross overreaction by the government which will only escalate tensions and costs in relation to the situation in Rossport.

The fact that protesters have been using canoes to deliver messages to the pipelaying ship and that protesters were preparing to swim out in wetsuits to the ship does not warrant the deployment of a warship in the bay.  What damage these canoeists or swimmers can do to the 1,000 foot long vessel is beyond my comprehension.

The Gardai have their own speed boats and sub-aqua division and can deal with any breaches of the law. The positioning of the warship LE Orla in the bay is a misuse of our navy and a completely disproportionate reaction. Its like using a hammer to swat a fly. The involvement of the military in any "policing" matter should be a last resort.

The Government should be de-escalating the situation in Rossport not involving the military. 
Is the next step for the government to place tanks on the Hill of Tara?
Yours sincerely
Keith Martin
Councillor Westport Town Council, Westport, Mayo
086 0691182 m
098 24852 h
098 25747 w

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