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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bumbling Bertie bumbles water charges

Not content with trying to bluff his way out of his massive and undeserved payrise by postponing it for a year Bumbling Bertie is trying to get out of the disgraceful situation of charging water rates to schools with the same tactic.

Admittedly Bertie Ahern is postponing the water charges for two years, rather than the 12 months he has to wait for his €38,000.

This is not a solution to the outrage of charging schools for a previously free supply, not only does it expose the myth of "free education" under Fianna Fail but it highlights the fact that it is just a political stroke designed to take pressure away from Fianna Fail until AFTER the next local elections.

Bumbling Bertie can only get away with it if you let him.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget there have been riots in Peru since the water was privatised by a French company.

If you can't pay you don't get water. Since you need water to live there have been riots.

Water is a human right, like air. We should conserve it as much as possible but we cannot privatise it.

Don't forget that we have one of the highest rainfalls in Europe. Water literally drops from the sky almost every day. the idea taht it is scare or rare is laughable.

Bertie is a bumbler. I won't let him get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that schools that have already paid up will not get a refund according to the Minister for Education

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