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Monday, August 13, 2007

Little Willie Style. Willie O Dea is still at it I see from tonights news. Willie is crying Wolf but doing nothing. He is all talk and no trousers. He should quit the Cabinet in protest. That could be respected. He wont he will whine on and everyone will say he did his best and Aer Lingus will be gone but Willie will always be around. Big Willie Style.


Bock the Robber said...

Willie the slithery little shit is talking out of both sides of his moustache.

Believe me, this will cost him his seat if he doesn't act.

Anonymous said...

He won't act. He will whine and shout and keep it up for a month and then everyone will say "At least Willie stood up to them, Good Man Willie" then he will stop and nothing will have changed but Willie's seat will be safer than ever!

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