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Monday, May 7, 2007

Dirty? Bertie


Really Flabbergasted.

Totally, utterly Flabbergasted.

Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre and Unprecedented

Bertie Ahern's finances have left this blog reeling. We never imagined that Bertie would be so dodgey. The man who took the high horse on Haughey over his corruption seems to have been receiving large gifts of money, left right and centre from "friends" all through his career in government.

It is Grotesque that Bertie portrayed himself as a man of the people while pocketing all that money.

It is unbelievable that he managed to keep it so quiet throughout ten years in power.

It is bizarre that he claims to have done no wrong.

However it is precendented that a serving Taoiseach would take money.

Worse again are all the Fianna Failers trying to portray Bertie's loose morals and lack of scruples as a plot against him. He is a disgrace and he disgraces his office, his party and his country with his behaviour.

1 comment:

True Green Machine said...

Why can't his friends give Bertie a dig out, even if they don't really know him and their donation was ment for the constituency not for the trouser pocket.
It's a crying shame ( as Bertie showed in his last TV interview on the subject )when a few lads can't give a Minister of Finance the proceeds of a whip round for a tax free leg up.
This is especially true as Bertie was in the throes of a separation
and had the expense of buying a bigger safe to place within, the at least six donations totalling €173,000 that he recieved at this time.
As a serving Minister of State taking a few bob for a, no favours given or recieved dig out, was never really any crime just ask CAB they have never bothered to investigate any past or serving
minister on this type of thing.
Leave Bertie A-Loan he will hve enough difficulties when his party drop him like a hot potato in the next few weeks.

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