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Monday, April 9, 2007

Did Bertie pay his UK Tax liability?

Bertie received monies in the UK from businessmen. Bertie says he did nothing wrong and that he has no tax liability in Ireland as the monies were received in the UK.

In 1994 Bertie received a payment in the form of a "whip-round" "gift" of €8,000 from 25 businessmen in Manchester. As he received this outside of the country he says he did not need to pay tax on it but did he pay the UK Revenue Commissioners their due?


P O'Neill said...

My understanding is that as a UK non-resident, he only has a tax liability for any income in the UK that was retained there. Which does raise the question of whether he has a UK bank account. I think he denied he had such an account at the height of Bertiegate but it was probably one of those carefully phrased denials.

Keith Martin said...

Bertie Ahern, the tefalon don is no more. the dirt is begining to stick. At Last!

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