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Monday, March 26, 2007

Who the hell is Frank McNamara?

Who the hell is Frank McNamara? The Irish Times says he is a "well known musician". Where is he well known? Not by this blog anyway.

The Times goes on "Mr McNamara, who was music director of the Late Late Show on RTÉ for 20 years, was the arranger and producer of two consecutive Irish winners of the Eurovision Song Contest."

Oh that Frank McNamara! Yeah right, I'm sure that makes him a well known musician in certain musical circles but he is hardly well known.

Christy Moore, he is well known. Frank McNamara is unknown, politically speaking anyway.

This reeks of PD desperation.

Reek on harvest moon!

He does look a bit like Michael McDowell though. McDowell with hair..........and a baton!


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe you have no clue who Frank McNamara is! I've had the honor of knowing Frank for the past five years...are you familiar with the names The Irish Tenors, Leann Rimes, Duran Duran, Seal, The Pittsburgh Symphony, Boston Pops..just to name a few?? He's worked with top names throughout the world and is perhaps one of Ireland's greatest talents! The man is truly dedicated to Ireland and it's people, and to have Frank McNamara representing you in the legislature, you'd have someone who would work very hard on your behalf! Pat in the US.

Keith Martin said...

Well most people in their 30s like me have no idea who the man is.

I am not sure that being one of "Ireland's greatest talents" qualifies him for public office.

Politically he is unknown and while I am sure he is a nice guy I am afraid he is a nobody.

Anonymous said...

Frank McNamara like most musicians has a desire to try anything to maintain his name in the public eye. This latest stunt is quite funny really - unique I suppose. Yes I have heard of the Irish Tenors - copycat of the 3 tenors. He may be a decent orchestrator but he has not produced music for Duran Duran, Leann Rimes, Seal etc. Come on now he is far from one of Ireland's Greatest Talents.. would he even be in the rankings?

Maye he is quoting himself!

Ireland needs people who have experience in managing success in a commercial environment such as a business. I doubt Mr McNamara possesses such skill. We need leaders, visionaries, motivators, realists - not ego driven musicians.

Anonymous said...

Frank used to play "3 blind mice" on the Late Late Show and can only be classed even as a "musician" with a stretch of the imagination, I'm afraid !

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