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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bertie's hodge podge cut and paste promises

Berite takes the cheese. Bertie will also take your clothes and your ideas if you give him the chance.

You have to hand it to him though, as it takes guts to go in front of the nation with no ideas of your own and pass off the manifesto commitments of other parties as your own.

At the Fianna Fail Ardardfheis, he stole Labour's lower rate income tax cut. He stole the PD's upper rate tax cut. He used his old promise of more Gardai (which he has yet to deliver on since last time) and he stole the PD's pension increases.

He has also pointed out glaring faults in our public services and cast there as opportunities where FF will do great work improving. This argument only works if everyone ignores the fact that Bertie and Co have been in government for ten years in a row.

Bertie says "We will create a national network of primary care teams and ensure that every community has access to 24-hour GP cover."

I ask "Why, 7 years into the 21 Century and 10 years into your government, don't we already have this vital and lifesaving coverage?"

Bertie says "Making promises, delegates, is easy. Government demands hard, patient, and practical work."

Yes Bertie, promises are easy, stealing other people's promises is even easier.

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