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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roses - not just for valentines

The rose is not just for valentines it is for everyone!

James Connolly and Jim Larkin were two of the most influential people in modern Irish history. Together they worked to improve the lives of real people. They founded the Labour party and the Irish Citizen Army which took part in the Easter Rising 1916.

The famous playwright Sean O'Casey, knew both men well. Of Larkin, O'Casey said he was a man who would as soon put a rose in a vase as bread on a table. By that he meant that Larkin, like every Labour leader and activist, was concerned not just with the economic well being of hardworking people and their families but with the quality of their lives as well.

Labour's red rose is a symbol of a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where you can catch your breath, see past the pressures of today and enjoy what life has to offer.

A tomorrow where there is time for your kids, help in looking after aging parents and the opportunity to do more than just get by.

A tomorrow where there is bread but where there are roses too.

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