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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tax SUVs out of existence?

Owners of vehicles with an engine size of 2,000cc and over will have to pay a "premium rate" resident parking fee of €80 a year or €140 for two years, while those with engines under 2,000cc will pay a standard rate of €40 or €70 for two years, in areas subject to pay-and-display or permit parking under new bylaws proposed by Dublin City Council.

Is this the beginning of the taxing of SUVs to death?

In London Ken Livingstone has increased his congestion charge for SUVs.

Dick Roche has reformed motor tax and from 2008, VRT will be based on a vehicle's CO2 emissions. This will penalise owners of SUVs and other high-consumption cars.

Is it all over for SUVs?

1 comment:

Rigor said...

80 euro a pop is hardly taxing them out of existence. The new consultation on linking VRT to emission standards is likely to have a bigger effect. Long overdue, death to the soccer moms

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