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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Iraq Body Count today. Maximum and Minimum dead

The counter above gives a maximum and minimum estimate of the dead in Iraq, it is live and updates in real time.

There was so much attention given to the death of one man, Saddam Hussein, that it is time to refocus on the deaths of those others who are dying every day in Iraq.

The counter faithfully records the deaths as they are reported, each death is recorded and if you check back in a day or even a matter of hours it is scary to see how many more people have died.

This is where our attention should be focused. Not on dead dictators but on people just like you and me who are dying daily in a country that is supposed to be liberated and free.

For more information on the project or on this counter click here.

1 comment:

el tom said...

What an utter disgrace this affair has been from start to finish.

I just wich those bloody counters were easier to put up!

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