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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Budget wishes for Brian- Health, share the wealth and housing.

Health, share the wealth and housing.

If I could get a message to Brian Cowen, even telepathically, this morning it would be scrap the giveaway budget I know you have cooked up and give us better 'health, share the wealth and housing.'

These are the issues most affecting our country today. In this super wealthy country of ours if you get sick, you should get the treatment you need (that includes Breastcheck in the west of Ireland Brian, would ever tell Mary Harney that the women of Mayo deserve an equal chance of not dying from Breast Cancer as her?).

Everyone should have a better slice of the cake (particularly those people who the economy has left behind such as the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and those bunch of people people don't like mentioning anymore - the poor).

Our young people should be able to own their own home (owning a plot of land to call your own and not be beholding to landlords is a big issue, Brian, remember the Land League?).

If Brian Cowen's budget could adequately address these three issues we can have a better society and a healthier and happier one. But of course Brian is under starters orders from Bertie Ahern and the Fianna Fail party not to mention Michael McDowell to buy us with our own money.

Concentrate Brian, concentrate... hear my thoughts...."Health, share the wealth and housing"

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